Learn and enjoy!

Exciting board game in which each player controls a group of warriors from one culture and era of history, fighting on the battlefield to capture the opposing flag.

In each turn, general culture questions are asked among players, mainly related to wars, struggles, and conflicts that humanity has faced.


A battle through time.

Strategy, cultural and educational game, which covers the conflicts that have occurred since the beginning of mankind until today.


The world on a board.

Four continents with images of their landmarks and relevant characters.


Everyone plays

Game recommended for ages 14 and over. It contains 300 questions in three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and difficult.


Warriors from four civilizations.

Choose whether you want to command the Egyptians of the Ancient Age, samurai of the Middle Ages, Amerindians of the Modern Age or German soldiers of the Second World War (Contemporary Age).


Easy to play.

Clear and simple rules. The game lasts 30 minutes on average. 

history clock

The Story.

Egar arises from the desire of a 6 year old boy, inhabitant of the remote Patagonia, who in the afternoons of torrential rain wanted to play soldiers with his friends, with clear rules, knowing how to move, fight and win. As there were no rules for playing soldiers, that boy decided to devise them.

Time and his passion for history, led this child to manage to create a game that combines troop movements with Universal history, merging entertainment and learning.

The idea of the game was born in 1996, and the first official prototype of the game saw the light of day in 2020, after a long period of pauses, study, testing and design.

The soul of the game is the same as that of its creator, who aims to give people an entertaining experience that teaches them and makes them happy. 

Playing is a mean for people to interact, for families to share, friends to meet and strangers to get to know each other. As people socialize, they learn from each other and also learn from the events that have marked the history of mankind, often tragic, but also heroic, from which we can acquire to forge the current history with courage, tenacity and wisdom.